Having fun chatting with friends.

Talkk is a chat room app, when you want to have a dedicated space to talk with your friends and followers. You can have conversations about any topic, you can be funny or serious, depending on your mood. Work completed at Gear Zero.


The visual identity combines three key graphic elements: the chat bubble, the rooms or spaces, and the colorful palette. Together, they express the idea of freedom of speech, an open spectrum of topics, and fun conversations.


To get started, users are invited to join popular chat rooms. On their Recent feed, they can see a list of chat rooms they have started or joined. When visiting a new chat room, they are prompted to join the conversation.


Each chat room has its own background color, that can be changed by the room manager depending on their mood. Users may post comments, photos, and videos with ease. And it's fun to add your reaction with emojis.


The menu gives quick access to your profile, and also users can select the default emoji when they double tap for reactions.


Easy and fun photo editing tools, so you can add text, emojis or drawings on images to express yourself.